Nylolite. A new style of Urban Mobility

FGF Industry, the Italian outerwear specialist owned by design-entrepreneur Enzo Fusco, expands its company portfolio with their latest addition, the urban minded upmarket

Nylolite, a new urban-utility style. Every piece of apparel is made with high-performance fabrics, and different fabrics are often layered so the garment seems to comprise two jackets in one. To provide increased protection from bad weather, seams are bonded/taped.

Nylolite apparel is elegant, versatile

Luxury streetwear that lends itself to myriad interpretations – each jacket is constructed with almost sartorial care and attention, and designed with a variety of features to ensure optimal protection and safety. 

We added extra details such as the reflective sheet on the shoulders that guarantee visibility, safety, and protection on the road. Fills are 100% real down, light and warm.